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Notice of “Children’s Think Tank Experiencing Event” of Zhenjiang Library

Release Time:2017-06-29 Source:Zhenjiang Library Author:jsb Views:714

I. Theme: Experiencing the Shangye Sci-tech Children’s Think Tank

II. Venue: Wenxin Cinema, Zhenjiang Library

III. Time: 9:30 am, July 8, 2016

IV. Participants: 30 children below the age of 12; each participant may be accompanied by one parent.

V. Objective:

1. The Children’s Think Tank activity will help children to integrate learning into entertainment perfectly, promote their good thinking & learning capabilities, broaden their comprehensive view on the world and learn more knowledge. The joint parent-child activities are conducive to the affective interaction between children and parents.

2. The Children’s Think Tank activity will help children to participate in interactive smart learning in an authentic environment created by the innovative achievements in sci-tech-assisted education, letting them learn through interactive entertainment and letting parents better understand the significant role that a kindergarten might play in broadening children’s vision, cultivating their learning habits and tempering their personalities.

VI. Application Time & Venue: July 5-July 8, Childrens Library of Zhenjiang Library

Hotline: 0511-84447375, 13451952591 (Ms. Chen). Welcome all children and their parents to actively register for the event.

Note: Participants of this event will get 10 bonus points for childrens library events.