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Peipei’s Story Time: Contrabass

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I. Event

Mr. Hermi Lame is a happy man, but he is unwise to have imposed his unfinished dream upon his daughter. Though he reckons that playing a musical instrument is the source of happiness, to his great expectation his persistent dream turns out to be the nightmare for his endeared daughter. However, in the end our little friend Charlotte finds her own hobby, gets the greenbelt for taekwondo and becomes the pride of her father.

II. Activity

1. Peipei’s Story Time: Contrabass.

2. Talk about your interests and hobbies after listening to the story.

3. The event is to be held in Wenxin Cinema. Parents who want to accompany their children must sign up before the event.

III. Time

2:00 pm, July 9, 2016 (Saturday)

IV. Venue

Wenxin Cinema, Zhenjiang Library

V. Application

Hotline: 0511-80829645 (Teacher Bi). The child with a reading card may register online:

July 5 -July 9, 2016 at the Reception Desk of Children’s Library of Zhenjiang Library

Note: Participants of this event will get 10 bonus points for childrens library events.