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Recommended Books for the Spring Festival Break

Release Time:2017-06-29 Source:Zhenjiang Library Author:jsb Views:697

With the approaching of the 7-day Spring Festival break, in such a cold season, people may deem it a good opportunity to read some books indoors besides visiting friends and relatives and traveling. Zhenjiang Library here recommends 10 books “read by many readers and ranked best by most readers”. We hope that you will find your leisure and happiness in books whether you read these books for the sake of relaxing yourselves or replenishing your knowledge.

1. Second-hand Time by S. A. Alexievich from Belarus, published by Citic Press Corp.


Brief Description

This is a new book by the winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize for Literature, an oral history of the agonized social transformation, the life of common Russians, and the price of a vanquished dream in the 20 years from 1991 to 2012. In this book, from scholars to dustmen, everyone is seeking to redefine the meaning of life. Their genuine stories represent the vicissitude of a society in an epochal time either macroscopically or microscopically, penning the human side of this far-reaching historical event.

2. The Universe in Your Hand by Christophe Galfard from France, published by SDX Joint Publishing Company


Brief description

This is a book written by one of Stephen Hawking’s disciples for whoever of us is not eligible to read The Brief History of Time, intended to reduce the interesting universe to simplicity and poetry. It will lead us to go on an amazing journey to learn about the past, present and future of the universe. Without help of any charts and equations, we are stepping onto the declining surface of the sun, flying over the distant constellations and feeling the deadly charm emanating from the black holes out of sheer imagination……It will be easy for you to comprehend through reading this book the magic universe as it is today and go on exploring the existence of God, the origin of time and the future of human beings.

3. Tout Seul by Christophe Chabouté from France, published by Beijing United Publishing Co., Ltd.


Brief Description

This is a graphic novel exploring the inner feeling of contemporary people, a novel that will lead readers to confront the mental predicaments of their lives. It tells the story of a freak, “confined” by the love of his parents, who can only sustain his life by imagination. However, the protagonist eventually fixes up a life truly of his own under the help of language fragments of a dictionary and an anonymous sailor. With the unique narrative of “slow motion”, the novelist outlines the ugliness (or perchance beauty), loneliness, timidity, and terror inherent in humanity, endowing the novel with profound philosophical meaning and artistic value.

4. Living to tell the tale by Garcia Marquez from Columbia, published by Nanhai Publishing Company


Brief Description

This is the only autobiography of Garcia Marquez, in which the author does not adopt the linear chronological order but toggles adeptly between time and event. He reminisces the great occasions and moments of his own life and those of his beloved relatives and friends. Each episode he writes turns out a wonderful story. Life does not consist in those days lived by us but in those memorized, for we tell the tale of our life from the recurring moments of our memory.

5. Fall of Giants by Kent Follet from the UK, published by Jiangsu Phoenix Literature and Art Publishing, Ltd.


Brief Description

This is an epic novel in which the constantly intertwined fates of five sharply different families are gradually brought to light that pans the episodes ranging from dusty and dangerous coal mines to brilliant royal palaces, from the corridor of power to the bedroom of both love and hate, which combine to represent the 20th century that we have seemingly understood but never stared at so intently.

6. We Are Not Ourselves by Mathew Thomas from the US, published by Guangxi Science and Technology Press


Brief Description

The novel, a maiden work that has cost the author 10 years to complete, centers on the life story of an Irish American called Aileen. The three members of the female protagonist’s family is greatly impacted by the early-onset Alzheimer's disease of her husband’s. the novelist gives a heartily depiction of the actual predicaments and sorrows confronting an average middle-class family. The epic novel of a family is imbued with profound and touching emotions and epitomizes the livelihood and vicissitude of American society in more than half a century.

7. Building a House by WANG Shu, published by Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House


Brief Description

This is a collection of familiar essays on architecture culture by Wang Shu, winner of the Pritzker Prize, the highest award for architecture in the world. The book starts with architecture, but goes far beyond architecture. It is fairly a book that explores the contemporaneity of traditional Chinese culture.

8. Paper Hawk by GE Liang, published by People’s Literature Publishing House


Brief Description

Paper Hawk, the second novel in Ge Liang’s “China Trilogy” after his publication of Scarlet Finch, is a history full of the vicissitude of both families and the Chinese nation in modern times. For the first time, the author has traced back to the life of his ancestors and created a family saga. In those storming years, politicians, warlords, literati and merchants emerged on the stage one after another......It is a culturally-ridden novel that is both powerful and delicately contrived. The novelist paints a “Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival” of the Republic of China period with his fine brushes fit for the beautiful composition of classical Chinese pictures.

9. Benevolence by LU Nei, published by People’s Literature Publishing House


Brief Description

The novel chronicles his personal life of 50 years from the era of state-owned enterprises. It sections into the impact of a great era on the ordinary people. In this book, the novelist defines the role exchanges between people in the evolutionary process of societal background and environment, where they doubt, blow the gab or forget about everything, where they reconcile themselves to the principle of following suit or revenge themselves against an individual awareness. These small grievances for which the mediocre characters seek revenge are latent in life, but emerge constantly to haunt the memories of everyone without their knowledge, though. The life and death as well as the rise and fall of average people become completely oblivious to the era we are born in, but some of us laugh the best to survive the era.

10. Lobster is the Best Medicine by Liz Climo from the US, published by Tianjin People’s Press


Brief Description

This book, another fresh and lovable comic one composed by the author after The Little World of Liz Climo, collects more than 100 amusing cartoons. The book conglomerates all lovable animals you might think of: lions, zebras, rabbits, tortoises, and moreover, frilled lizards, badgers, groundhogs, and meerkats......In their jocular talks, these animals exhibit a sense of born humor and an envious delight in life. You might be a certain animal in the book while an animal in the book might be any person around you.