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Zhenjiang Library Plans to Construct “Picture-book Story Garden”

Release Time:2017-06-29 Source:Zhenjiang Library Author:jsb Views:742

In order to better promote the whole-city reading campaign in Zhenjiang, create the atmosphere of great reading in a niche, arouse the self-study interest of underage children, Zhenjiang Library plans to turn 10 kindergartens of the city into “picture-book story gardens”, where children will enjoy themselves participating in reading picture-book stories, learning while playing and playing while learning.


1. All kindergartens in Zhenjiang are qualified to apply for a “picture-book story garden”. Applicants must email their kindergarten profiles and contact information to (zjshaoerlib@163.com). Through our survey and evaluation, 10 kindergartens will be chosen to construct “picture-book story gardens.”

2. Each chosen kindergarten shall prepare a picture-book room equipped with bookshelves and desks and chairs and, upon completion, be named “Zhenjiang Library Picture-book Story Garden”.

3. Each “picture-book story garden” shall receive 500 picture books of all kinds, including books on infantile psychology, child growth education, parent-child relationship education, environmental protection education.

4. Zhenjiang Library shall join efforts with the chosen kindergartens to carry out the whole-city reading activities, who in turn shall actively participate in the children’s activities organized by Zhenjiang Library, promoting the development of children’s reading together.

5. Should there be any doubt, please consult us at the library or by telephone. Contacts: LV Chao, ZHANG Na; Contact Tel: (0511) 80829690, 84422934.