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“Reading +” Children’s Bonus Point Redemption—Register for “Master Teaches Me to Play Pipa” Now!

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I. Event Contents:

The pipa (lute) is a very popular plucked string instrument in China. Pi and pa in Chinese refer to two plucking techniques. According to “Explanation of Musical Instruments” in Explanation of Names by Liu Xi of the Eastern Han dynasty, “The pipa (then spelled as piba) is a musical instrument of the Northern barbarians in China, played on horseback. The plucking forwards is called “pi” while the plucking backwards is called ‘ba’. Hence the name of ‘piba’.”

The students of this event will be coached by Zhang Qiuxia, a famous Pipa player. The contents of the event range from teaching the history of pipa, the fundamental techniques, and the basic skill training to appreciating some ancient and modern pipa masterpieces, which combine to bring the children great moments of learning and experiencing the pipa music.

II. Detailed Information:

Children fond of the pipa may learn to play it from the very beginning.

Number of learners: 12 persons. Children to register for the event is required to possess a library card of Children’s Library of Zhenjiang Library and has accumulated more than 30 bonus points for reading.

Website for looking up the bonus points:

This event will involve the bonus point redemption, so a child who has successfully registered for the event will have 30 of his or her bonus points subtracted automatically!

III. Application Time:

1. This day to July 15

2. Online registration:

3. Hotline: (0511) 80829679, 84447375

IV. Time:

Time: Starting from July 18 (Total classes: 10)

Days & Hours: 10:00 am on Monday and Wednesday

V. Venue:

Venue: Qiuge Pipa Training Center in Zhenjiang Library

VI. Tutor:

Zhang Qiuxia: Zhang Qiuxia is the founder of the “Qiuge Pipa Training Center” in Zhenjiang, a pipa player of Zhenjiang Art Theater, a member of Jiangsu Musicians Association, a member of Zhenjiang Musicians Association, and a director of Jiangsu Pipa Society. She has been a student of Professor Huang Guanglin at Nanjing Arts Institute and MA Supervisor Liu Shi, a famous pipa educator. In 2001 she performed in Germany as a member of Zhenjiang Municipal Government Delegation. She won a gold medal for traditional Chinese music at the 6th Jiangsu Music and Dance Festival, the honorary title of excellent tutor respectively awarded by Nanjing Arts Institute, Jiangsu Musicians Association, China Conservatory of Music, and Jiangsu Non-governmental Art Teaching Center. She won the title of excellent teacher at the 3rd “China Teenagers’ New Artists Show in 2007, the title of excellent teacher at the 1st “Wenxin Cup” Zhenjiang Children’s Talent Competition in 2009, the award of excellent teacher at “Jiangsu Series Events of China Teenagers’ Art Festival” in 2011, and the title of excellent organizer at “Chinese Dream National Teenagers’ Art Show” in 2015. The training center founded by her was honored as “High-level Art Training Institutions Recommended by Media” in 2015. In the same year, she won the award of excellent organizer and the highest popularity award at “Shining Children Stars in Zhenjiang” Children Spring Festival Gala”. In 2016 she won an excellent prize at “Zhenjiang Teenagers’ New Year’s Concert.

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