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“Reading +” Children’s Bonus Point Redemption--Master Teaches Me to Learn Guzheng (Chinese Zither)

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I. Event:

Guzheng (Chinese zither), also called Han Zheng, Qin Zheng, Yao Zheng, or Luan Zheng, is one of the traditional Chinese musical instruments, a plucked string instrument. It is one of the unique Chinese national musical instruments. It has a beautiful timber, a broad gamut, and welcomes a variety of playing techniques. Thanks to its expressive power, Guzheng is very popular with the masses.

Learners will be coached by Zhou Ping, a famous Guzheng player. Guzheng is “an instrument of the Good man”, which will temper the gracefulness of a regular player and constantly but silently promote the cultural and artistic accomplishment of the player.

II. Detailed Information:

Children fond of Guzheng may learn to play it from the very beginning.

Number of learners: 12 persons. Children to register for the event is required to possess a library card of Children’s Library of Zhenjiang Library and has accumulated more than 30 bonus points for reading.

Website for looking up the bonus points:

This event will involve the bonus point redemption, so a child who has successfully registered for the event will have 30 of his or her bonus points subtracted automatically!

III. Application:

1. This day to July 11

2. Online registration:

3. Hotline: (0511) 80829679, 84447375

IV. Time:

Time: Starting from July 13 (total classes: 10)

Days & Hours: 9:00 am on Wednesday and Sunday

V. Venue:

Venue: Zhou Ping Guzheng Art Training Center in Zhenjiang Library

VI. Tutor:

Zhou Ping: Zhou Ping the tutor has successively been a student of Professor Wang Xiaoping at Yangzhou University, Professor Sun Wenyan at Shanghai Conservatory of Music and Zhou Yang, a famous Guzheng player. Zhou Ping Guzheng Art Training Center was founded in 2006. Zhou Ping himself has been teaching music for more than 20 years. He is a member of China Musicians Association as well as a member of Jiangsu Musicians Association. For ten consecutive years he has been an excellent teacher of graded art test for art students in Nanjing. Zhou Ping Guzheng Art Training Center is set as a “Base for Graded Art Test for Art Students in Nanjing” by the Office of Graded Art Test for Art Students in Nanjing.

In the recent over ten years, Zhou Ping has headed children to participate in events of all kinds and has been awarded the following honorary titles: “China Star Excellent Teacher Award” in 2005, Youth China Excellent Organizer in September 2006, Love for China “Excellent Teacher Award” in 2010, “Little Cuckoo” Zheng Competition Excellent Organizer in 2016, etc.

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