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Peipei’s Story Time - “A Very Hungry Snake”

Release Time:2017-06-29 Source:Zhenjiang Library Author:jsb Views:855

I: Event

When a very hungry snake was zigzagging carelessly, it found a roundish apple and talked to itself, “what a delicious apple”. The next day, when it was zigzagging, it found a yellow banana and talked to itself, “what a delicious banana.” ... On the sixth day, when the very hungry snake was zigzagging, it found a tree heavily laden with red apples. Could you guess what it would do this time?

II. Activity

1. Peipei tells the stories in two picture books: A Very Hungry Snake and A Very Hungry Caterpillar.

2. The teacher and children make a “caterpillar book” together.

3. The event will be held in Wenxin Cinema. Parents who want to accompany their children must sign up before the event.

III. Time

2:00 pm, Saturday, June 10, 2017

IV. Venue

Wenxin Cinema, Zhenjiang Library

V. Registration

Tel (WeChat): 13952813095